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5 Tips for Using Your CRM To Create Better Marketing Campaigns


Published: 23rd January 2020
by: Glenn Hewson

Too Much Content

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt famously commented that more content is now being created in 48 hours than all the content produced between the dawn of time and 2003; and that was in 2003!  Today there are 1600 blog posts being published EVERY minute of EVERY day on WordPress alone.  You can look at the fascinating Wordpress live map here

With your potential prospects literally being bombarded with marketing messages across their online and offline lives, your communications must be both targeted and of topical interest.  Fortunately your CRM should be able to help you to identify your best target markets, assist you to launch campaigns and provide the numbers to measure results.

5 Tips to create better marketing campaigns using your CRM

  1. Focus Your Efforts

    Use your CRM to help you understand what industries your product or service works best for and the buying process that prospects undertake for them.  Who are the people involved and what were their roles? Who makes the decision and who has the budget? You may be surprised to find out who is actually making the decision.  Once you have this information at your fingertips, define buyer personas and create sales playbooks (see our sales playbook blog here).  Share the same messaging and collateral across your marketing campaigns and sales interactions.

  1. Segment and Target Individuals’ Pain Points

    In my industry the Marketing Director has different reasons for buying a CRM than either the Sales Director or the head of Customer Support.  So not surprisingly the CRM campaign to Marketers should be different than the CRM campaign to Customer support. But beyond the role, industry or company size, you may also want to segment by recent contact activities such as email opens and clicks, products already purchased or social activity to name just a few.

  2. Personalise the Message

    MailChimp has been saying this for years but it warrants repeating: consumers open emails with personalised subject lines at a 30% higher rate compared to emails without personalised subject lines.  Yet just 2 percent of emails employ personalisation.  As someone that knows how easy it is to personalise subject lines, I’m not big on this approach for cold outreach emailers.  However for a list that you mail to often, the results are undeniable.  Don’t forget to personalise the salutation and include your personal social media information if your mailer is to look like a personal letter.   

  3. Follow the Trail

    Email opens are great and clicks through to your site from email, social media and Adwords even better. But what is the bounce rate after they get there?  Make sure that you are looking beyond just the clicks.  I recently put out a blog post that had the highest open and click-through rates of any post we have run.  Then I went to our analytics page and found that though we had huge dwell time on the blog, 100% bounced off after they read it.  Hmm… interested in the topic, not interested in our product.  Fortunately a good percentage came back later by clicking through from the email to our homepage directly and then continued to additional pages resulting in one of our best weeks analytics-wise.  Marketer suicide avoided. 

  4. Fail Fast and Reuse What Works

    Once you launch a campaign your CRM collects a plethora of data and you will quickly start to see what is working and what isn’t.  If something isn’t working in a campaign, intervene quickly, don’t cross your fingers and hope for a change.  A simple alteration to a subject line or re-targeting ad graphic can make all of the difference.  If a tactic works, use it again in another campaign. 

Be Maths Men Not Mad Men

Your CRM is not only able to supply you with a contact database and a place to centralise your activities, it makes it easy for you to analyse how you acquire customers and their behaviours leading up to purchase. It can easily help you to segment and target specific groups to deliver your message. It’s up to the marketing department to make use of the data that’s in the system before the campaign, and to use it to target the audience and structure the message. Used well, your CRM will provide you with measurable campaign results in terms of cost per lead, opportunity and sale allowing you to ask for a bigger budget next time.

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