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My team won’t use CRM…

Published: 13th August 2019

We feel your pain! You know that the team to benefit the most from CRM groan every time you mention installing it, or maybe they just aren’t using the system you’ve already installed?

Have they heard horror stories about systems that don’t work or are difficult to use? Do you have a system that isn’t fit for purpose? Could there be a training issue? Or, has it simply dropped off of the team’s radar because change is scary – much easier to carry on as they are?

Any one of these reasons could be the cause of CRM resistance, but at the heart of the issue will undoubtedly be a communication flaw.

Want to install a system
but your team don’t want it?

Talk to them! What are the stories they’ve heard? Are they based on fact or Chinese whispers? And then talk to a provider. Tell them about your team’s concerns and ask them for a solution.

A great CRM provider will LISTEN to your concerns. They’ll ask about your business; find out where you want to go; offer a Goldilocks CRM solution (not too big, not too small, but just right).

But you already have a CRM system in place that’s not being used…

Did your CRM provider REALLY listen to you during your initial discussions? Did they provide a system that works for you and your team or is it failing miserably?

A great CRM should integrate with your key business systems, streamlining the team’s workflow, making their jobs easier, increasing profits and ultimately leading to more money in their pay packet.

When everything is in alignment, using the CRM should be a no-brainer. But, teams need to be properly trained to use it.

CRM providers not only need to ensure that the right system is in place, but that staff know how to it operates. Without effective training the best system in the world is deemed ineffective. Not only should the provider educate teams on HOW to use the tool, but also WHY they should use it.

Training programmes need to ensure that the use of the CRM is second nature – integral to the business. There is always pain when a new system is introduced but the quicker the pain can be relieved; the quicker gains can be received. And with effective COMMUNICATION teams can understand the benefits to themselves and the business. The pain of using something new will be worth their while…

Finally, has your team simply forgotten to use the CRM? This reverts back to TRAINING and COMMUNICATION. Your provider may have been hot on the case during the honeymoon period, getting your team chomping at the bit to use the new tool. But further down the line training may have dropped off, team members could have changed and the significance of CRM forgotten.

Talk to your provider about ongoing training packages for both current and new team members. And LISTEN to your team. How do they feel about the CRM? Are there any issues with the system that they’d like to see improved? And do they fully understand how their lives will be made MUCH easier by using the CRM.

CRM, provided and used correctly WILL increase sales, improve efficiency and reduce costs. EVERYONE in the business will benefit. With the right COMMUNICATION in place your team WILL use the CRM…

Let us tell you more about Sparkstone CRM – our system has been developed with YOU in mind. We know that every requirement will be different, and we offer a bespoke service to install and service a CRM that will be the backbone of your business.


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