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Interface Management

  • General

    • Easy on the eye
    • Definable interface to suit businesses and users
    • Easy to use
    • Intuitive and Easy to learn
    • Lots of set up information in your selected profie
    • Set it up today and use it straight away
    • Simply more out of the box funcitonality than any other system
    • Add simple comments to nearly every part of the system
    • Add rich text notes to nearly every part of the system
    • Use all notes fields in full screen mode
    • Dictate into notes fields
    • Tag other users in comments and automatically send a message to the user
    • Use Alexa to ask questions about CRM (eg where are my next 5 meetings?) - Question bank expanding all the time
    • Definable columns (standard and optional and custom fields)
    • Definable column order
    • Definable grouping and subtotalling
    • Definable column filter(s)
    • Definable sort order(s)
    • Saved column views (per user)
    • Export to PDF
    • Export to Excel
    • Row actions (menu items) related to data
    • Saved data lists
    • Saved dynamic data queries
    • Bulk Tasks (actions)
    • Select multiple rows for action
    • Quick standard filters (eg dates)
    • Preset special filters
    • Last edit (by and date) columns and create (by and date) columns available on every grid
    • "My" grids to show the users data
    • "Enterprise" grids to show the data for the whole Enterprise
    • "Team/branch" grids to show data for the team
    • Any defined grid may be used as the basis for automatic scheduled report delivery
    • Definable forms (per contact type, task type, opportunity type, service type etc)
    • Definable "tabs" (unlimited)
    • Definable "sections" (unlimited)
    • Comprehensive list of standard fields per CRM object (contact, opportunities, tasks etc)
    • Custom fields
    • User definable fields and field types
    • Definable field labels
    • Definable field orders
    • Definable field sizes and styles
    • Definable field visibility
    • Definable field default values per object time
    • Form actions (menu items) appropriate to the CRM object
    • Customisable menu items
    • Revert data edits (undo)
    • User defined short cuts on all forms
    • User comment sections on all forms
    • Configurable dashboard(s) per user
    • Configurable search options
    • Fast search option
    • Unlimited user defined "Widgets" to show summary data
    • User defined Graphical Widgets to easily show data at a glance
    • Drill down from Widget to the key data when you want to know more
  • Main navigation

    • User defined main shortcuts
    • Recent items access
    • User dashboard(s) access
    • Configurable "My" grid access
    • Configurable "Enterprise" grid access

    Top navigation bar

    • Main navigation access
    • Home/reset button
    • Selected Contact display and Contact menu access
    • Selected Contact Quick Action button
    • Quick access to Conversation view of contact history
    • Quick access to "right panel"
    • Quick add contact
    • View calendar
    • View basket

    Profile Menu

    • User definable
    • Standard items
    • Profile
      • Tasks
      • Events
      • Opportunities
      • Projects
      • Assets
      • Financial information
      • Orders
      • Sales data
      • Relations
      • Gallery
      • Campaigns
      • Subscriptions and more

    Fast info button

    • Contact details
    • Phone numbers and Email addresses
    • Last opportuntiy info
    • Last order information

    Fast action button

    • Custom menu items and labels
    • Add Task
    • Send Message
    • Add Relation
    • Add Asset
    • Add wish list
    • Add opportunity/project
    • Create sale

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