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Sell more, sell faster, build better customer relationships

Leverage skills and improve productivity

Give your team sales productivity tools, not sales prevention ones

Your sales force want to know the most efficient and effective way to close the next deal, Sparkstone CRM will enable them to:

  • Track all prospect engagement to truly understand their needs
  • Use the mobile app to quickly follow up on sales call tasks while still at the customer's site
  • Use maps to optimise sales call routing

Turn every member of your sales team into a star

  • Create and track opportunities
  • Manage your forecast automatically
  • Use sales stages and playbooks to increase productivity
  • Use voice recognition to simplify admin

Your sales success depends upon having the right tools identify and move prospects through your sales funnel.  Sparkstone CRM provides a simple way to:

Enhance customer experience

Having all of your customer communications located in one place means that all customer facing members of the team are available to help close the sale and improve your customer experience:

  • Create account teams spanning Sales, Marketing, Operations and Support
  • Assign tasks and share notes across your organisation
  • View inventory and accounting data, answer more customer questions

Better information, greater success!

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